Whyte Cliffe


Claire’s character came across two squirrels fighting over a rather large acorn in a hole in her father’s fields. Somehow she could understand what they were saying to one another. The squirrels were just as surprised to undersyand her when she spoke to them to quit fighting. They ran off and the nut split to reveal a golden fairy statue-ette. She brought it to her parents and convinced them to tell the local officials instead of selling it for the cash they desperately needed to keep the farm running. The constable got word of it and sent his best knight – Sir Michaleson – to investigate. Lo and behold it was a treasure lost from the king’s own vault. In thanks for reporting and returning the golden fairy, the king granted Claire’s character to enroll at the National School for Girls and gave her parents a sum of gold that would be paid out in the sum of 1,000 gold per month. This saved the farm and opened up opportunities for Claire’s character which she couldn’t have dreamt of before.

The fairy actually comes to life on occasion and visited Claire in her room the evening that Sir Michaleson visited to deliver the good news. This fairy promises to come whenever really needed to help. Claire is brought along with Sir Michaleson to an audience with the king in which she is allowed to present the statuette in person. The king places 250 gold in a personal account in her name at the public treasury and writes a letter for her to attend the school.



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